The Fountainheads in the Media

Youtube presents the most viewed videos of the year Haaretz
Reaching the JewTube generation   Haaretz
Battle Of The Purim Songs       Huffington Post
Hanukkah Music: Young, Hip Jews Leading A Makeover  Huffington Post
Passover break out viral video   Jerusalem Post
The Weekly Schmooze Purim Special   Jerusalem Post
Rosh Hashana - The Musical  Israel Channel 2
It's time for Rosh Hashana  Israel Channel 10
Song behind the mask  Yediot Aharonot
Chasing away the darkness and making merrry  Yediot Aharonot
Let My People… Sing Satires  The NY Jewish Week
New video for Purim  Maariv
Israel Vs. US: A Purim Music Video Battle   The Forward
Here Come the Hanukkah Videos  The Forward
Dip your apples, it’s Rosh Hashanah   Los Angeles Jewish Journal
Dip Your Apple: a Rosh Hashanah tune   London Jewish Chronicle
Dip Your Apple - Rosh Hashanah   The Philadelphia Jewish Voice
Dip Your Apple - Fountainheads Rosh Hashanah  Jewish Toronto Magazine
Dip Your Apple - Fountainheads   Jewish Miami
Purim Videos...Beyond the Sounds of Gragers  Jewish Boston
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